The Variety Show

If you are looking for a longer show that showcases a variety of entertaining acts and performances, Sebastian & Kristina’s “Variety Show” is the perfect mix of visual excitement, emotion and style! This 20- 25minute stage show features their signature Quick Change Act act as well an incredible illusion act where Kristina is magically impaled in the Umbrella Illusion, The Magic Rope gig participating with the audience, The tempo of the show shifts for the finale; from a slow jazz dance to a showcase of Sebastian’s masterful juggling with multiple rings and clubs. Performed to an energetic finger-snapping “Big Band” style of music, Sebastian closes the show with the incredibly difficult 7-Club juggling feat!


The show is highly flexible and can be customized in length as well as performed on a variety of stages and venues.

This act is available for:

  • Theatre Productions
  • Gala Events
  • Cruise Ships

Contact us for enquiries & bookings.

Watch the video below to see their captivating performance: